Consumer Debt Relief Program

Consumer Debt Relief Program

Every day hundreds of thousands of mailers go out to U.S. consumers peddling debt relief programs. Many of them are made up to look like official government mailers and usually have generic headlines like Consumer Debt Relief Program or National Debt Relief.

Consumers need to be very careful when responding to any form of mailing offering a government program for debt relief services and be especially leery of any that seem to be from a government office in general.

There Isn’t a Consumer Debt Relief Program Offered By The Government.

There are few government-sponsored consumer debt relief programs aimed to help struggling homeowners, but when it comes to your credit card debt, the government is not forcing the banks to reduce your debt because of the bailouts, or whatever the advertisement claims. If you have a mailer that gives the impression that you are eligible for some federal program to settle your credit cards, then it is deceptive marketing at best, and the most appropriate place for it is the trash can.

Although the FTC has really cracked down on these deceptive mailers over the past year, there are still some companies that continue to send them out. There are certainly some legitimate consumer debt relief programs available to consumers, but if a company has to resort to deceptive marketing to get you on the phone, it is a safe bet that you would be better off not calling them.

When you call the 800 number on these mailers thinking you are getting information on a government program, what you will typically get is a high pressured sales presentation about some type of debt relief program. This program will usually come with high upfront fees that they will try and sneak into your monthly payments. In many cases, the upfront fees they are trying to extract from you are illegal as well.

At Pacific Debt, we have been offering debt settlement solutions, and debt relief solutions to consumers for 10 years. We charge absolutely no fees unless and until we can successfully negotiate a lower settlement with your creditors. We have an A+ rating with the BBB because our clients are our number 1 priority.

Visit our debt relief program page to learn more about how Pacific Debt can help you today.

If you are struggling with credit card debt and have received a suspicious looking mailer claiming to be a Consumer Debt Relief Program, be sure to take your time and do some further research before acting on it. Often times a simple Google search will reveal other consumers who have received the same thing and had a less than pleasant experience.

Call the Debt Settlement Professionals at Pacific Debt for a Free Debt Reduction Analysis and learn how debt settlement can work for you when done right. View our debt relief section to learn more.

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