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My dealings with the Pacific Debt representatives was a most pleasant experience. I started the program in October of2012 my goal being to pay off a11 my credit card debt as quickly as possible. With the help of the following people this goal was obtainable: Maria Gomez, Leaha Spronk and Kristin Garcia. Most of my … VIEW FULL TESTIMONIAL

Cathy T.

To whom it may concern: Two years ago when we began working with Gabriel we were hurting badly and fearful for our future. Gabriel put our minds at rest with his professional and confident manner. His results … VIEW FULL TESTIMONIAL


I wanted to articulate my overwhelming positive experience in dealing with Pacific Debt and specifically Armando del Rio. No matter how you found yourself needing some assistance with debt know that negotiators like Armando have your back. He has been nothing but supportive, professional and helpful. They take a stressful situation and give you … VIEW FULL TESTIMONIAL


I want to thank you for the excellent work you did on settling all my accounts. My plan was for 39 months and relieved to say after 21 months all accounts will be settled and paid off. You provided the reassurance and patience with me while going through the process. Your timely responsiveness gave me confidence I needed. I selected PD at first mainly because … VIEW FULL TESTIMONIAL


In spring of 2012 I realized I was in serious financial trouble. I needed help with credit cards and an Unsecured Small Business Loan. I had been trying to work with the CC Company and my bank to resolve the issues. Their interest rates just kept going up and no one was willing to help. I did not want to default. I just wanted to …VIEW FULL TESTIMONIAL


I was laid off from my job of 20+ years in December 2010, and because I had recently purchased my truck, and had several credit cards, I found myself with about $25,000 of debt with no income coming in. I was able to find another job in March 2011, but it only paid about half of what I was earning before, and there was no way I was … VIEW FULL TESTIMONIAL


I just wanted to send a quick thank you for all you have done! It wasn’t an easy couple of years financially, but I made it through! Thanks to you, and Pacific Debt I can now make a fresh start! I must admit it was very … VIEW FULL TESTIMONIAL


I just wanted to thank you for work you did for us on settling our credit card debts. You were honest and explained everything you were doing in detail. I had a lot of confidence in you. I felt that I did the right thing in … VIEW FULL TESTIMONIAL


We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude not
only to Pacific Debt but also to Gabriel for all of the hard work your company did for us! We were so completely… VIEW FULL TESTIMONIAL

Shirl & Cynthia

I cannot describe how overjoyed I am to finally realize my partnership with PD, and more precisely, Danielle has turned my life around. My accounts have all been settled and my last payment is … VIEW FULL TESTIMONIAL