Richard from Walnut Cove North Carolina Debt Relief Review

I had some very extreme ,life changing and unexpected hardships hit me recently. The home I leased for almost 9 years was suddenly pulled out from under me with little notice as the owner decided to sell and not lease any longer. This put me in a major situation. I had just paid off all my credit cards but because I had to buy a house ( no one wanted to lease to someone with 4 German Shepherds) I had to max out all my cards again for inspections, fees down payments, appliances, etc etc. This left me living paycheck to paycheck in a vicious cycle of interest just to make ends meet with one major event away from going under. I inquired ( after a great deal of research ) to PacificDebt and signed up for their hardship program after speaking to their representative Cedric A and couldn’t be more pleased with his upfront, non-high pressure, professionalism. He thoroughly explained the process, had an immense amount of patience, was not pulling any punches as to what to expect and I couldn’t have been more satisfied. He laid a great deal of my apprehensions to rest during the 2+ hours we spoke on the phone. Being 18 years in the business and also researching the reviews ( both good and bad ) made my decision much easier. If the rest of the process goes as smoothly and as professionally as Mr A’s consultation with me, I will be debt free in 4 years or less. I’m literally putting my life in their hands and know that initially it will be tough but the end result will be for the best for me financially. Again, thank you Mr A for your patience and thoroughly explaining everything ( sometimes over and over ). PacificDebt has a good employee in Mr Cedric A and has my trust which I rarely give. Thank you and looking forward to a good relationship with PacificDebt.
Walnut Cove, North Carolina Debt Relief Review
May 13, 2019
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