New York Debt Relief Reviews / Case Studies

Debt relief program review avatar maleI was diagnosed with cancer and I will be going be going through treatment and I will be going on disabilty therefore my income will decrease. I will not be able to continue to make these payments so I reached out for help to pay off my debt once and for all. Read Case Study

Location: Buffalo, New York

Los Angeles Debt ReliefI was in over my head with monthly payments on my credit cards and I began to fall behind. I reached out for assistance with my debt to pay off my credit cards and avoid bankruptcy. Read Case Study

Location: Rochester, New York

Los Angeles Debt ReliefI over spent on my credit cards. I am not earning enough to cover my debts. I have student loan debts to pay back. The cost of living has increased but my income has not. I have $1,200 in child care each month. Read Case Study

Location: Yonkers, New York
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