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Chris was very helpful & informative. He was able to help me feel that I made the right decision & gave me a piece of mind that I haven’t had in a very long time.
Omaha, Nebraska / Provided by BestCompany
Agent was very understanding and explained everything and listened to my questions and didn’t have a problem answering them.
Holdrege, Nebraska / Provided by BestCompany
My experience was fantastic! He was friendly, cordial, helpful, very knowledgeable and trustworthy. He explained the program thoroughly and I was given opportunities to ask questions.
Tecumseh, Nebraska / Provided by BestCompany
Since 2002, we’ve settled over $250 million in debt for our customers
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Nebraska Debt Relief Company

Pacific Debt has helped thousands of people reduce their debt. Since 2002we’ve settled over $300 million in debt for our clients. Contact us today to see how we can help.

Nebraska Debt Relief Testimonials

  • Chris was very helpful & informative. He was able to help me feel that I made the right decision & gave me a piece of mind that I haven’t had in a very long time. He reassured me that Pacific Debt is there for support anytime. I felt relieved knowing that I wasn’t alone & able to get this debt under control & able to fit it in my budget.
    Omaha, Nebraska Debt Relief Review
    January 11, 2019
    Provided by BestCompany

    Pacific Debt has helped thousands of people reduce their debt. Since 2002we’ve settled over $200 million in debt for our clients. Contact us today to see how we can help.

  • Agent was very understanding and explained everything and listened to my questions and didn’t have a problem answering them. I really don’t have much else to say because I just signed up for the program
    Holdrege, Nebraska Debt Relief Review
    December 13, 2018
    Provided by BestCompany

    Pacific Debt has helped thousands of people reduce their debt. Since 2002we’ve settled over $200 million in debt for our clients. Contact us today to see how we can help.

  • My experience was fantastic! He was friendly, cordial, helpful, very knowledgeable and trustworthy. He explained the program thoroughly and I was given opportunities to ask questions. I’m thrilled to receive help and I recommend them.
    Tecumseh, Nebraska Debt Relief Review
    November 12, 2018
    Provided by BestCompany

    Pacific Debt has helped thousands of people reduce their debt. Since 2002we’ve settled over $200 million in debt for our clients. Contact us today to see how you can help you.

Better Business Bureau of Nebraska

Pacific Debt is an A+ rated business with the BBB. We have been accredited since 2010. We have received 4.87 out of five stars based on 40 customer reviews with the BBB.

The State of Nebraska

Nebraska is part of the breadbasket of America. The wide-open plains offer many opportunities for agriculture while the largest cities are home to universities specializing in dentistry, research, and, of course, football! Nebraska’s economy is based on agriculture. Nebraska is ranked #37 for population and #43 for population density.

As of 2018, over 1.9 million people called Nebraska home. Omaha is the largest city in Nebraska.

Income in Nebraska

The median state income is $56,927. As of 2018, the minimum wage is $9.00 per hour. Unfortunately, 13.9% of Nebraskan children under 18 live in poverty. For residents overall, 11.4% of all people in Nebraska live under the poverty level.

  • Median state income: $56,927
  • Minimum wage: $9.00/hour
  • Children in poverty: 13.9%
  • People in poverty: 11.4%

Is Nebraska a Community Property State?

Unfortunately, Nebraska is not a community property state. Therefore your assets are not seen as equally owned by you and your spouse. Currently, there are only 10 states that are community property states. In the state of Nebraska, the judge will decide which assets are shared by you and your spouse, and what the equity is for each.

There are 10 community property states in which the state sees your assets as community property are Louisiana, Arizona, California, Texas, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, and Wisconsin.


More than half (66.1%) of Nebraskans hold a mortgage. The median home price in Nebraska is $175,500 (2018). Of course, that median price depends on the location with some areas being much higher.

  • Homeowner rate: 66.1%
  • Median home price: $175,500

Employment in Nebraska

Nebraska has a current unemployment rate of 2.8%. However, the underemployment rate is 6.2%. Underemployment is the percentage of civilian workers who are unemployed, employed part-time or are not seeking employment.

If this is you, we can help. Pacific Debt offers Nebraska debt relief solutions tailored to your unique situation and budget. Our certified counselors help you work up a budget and explain your options.

  • Unemployment: 2.8% (2018)
  • Underemployment: 6.2% (2017)

Nebraska Debt Statistics

Nebraskans carry a lot of debt. The average credit card debt is $6,180 (2018). The average student loan debt is $$26,082. When you add all that debt on top of the cost of homes (rental or owned), versus the median income, it is very easy for Nebraskans to get into debt.

  • Avg credit card debt: $6,180 (2018)
  • Avg mortgage debt: $136,882 (2017)
  • Avg student loan debt: $26,082 (2017)

Nebraska Statute of Limitations

Nebraska’s statute of limitations lays out maximum time periods that debt collectors can take action against a delinquent debt. These statutes of limitations begin on the date that your debt goes delinquent.

For debts taken out in Nebraska, the following are the statutes of limitations for different types of debt.

  • Oral agreements: 4 years
  • Written contracts: 5 years
  • Promissory notes: 5 years
  • Credit cards and other revolving loans: 5 years

Nebraska Debt Relief & Debt Consolidation

If you have more debt than you can pay off, Pacific Debt can help you consolidate your debt and learn to live debt-free. Since 2002, we’ve settled over $200 million in debt for thousands of clients. We are a nationally top-ranked debt relief company located in San Diego.

We will help you work through our proven and comprehensive debt relief program. Your certified debt relief counselor will review all your options. If debt settlement is right for you, we move forward with our debt consolidation program and work to save you money. Pacific Debt can help with most unsecured debt like credit cards, personal loans, medical bills, and repossessions.

It is not an easy process and it won’t happen overnight, but you can do it. Pacific Debt will be there every step of the way to help.

Debt Collection Laws of Nebraska

Nebraskans are protected against unscrupulous debt collectors. The federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) prohibits debt collectors from using abusive or harassing bill collection practices. In addition, the Nebraska Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (NFDCPA) adds protections against more types of collectors and actions. If you are a victim of any of these actions, you may take legal action against them.

Overall, debt collectors can NOT:

  • Charges more than 10% interest
  • Garnish more than 25% of wages
  • Use/threaten physical force or criminal tactics to harm you, your property, or your reputation
  • Accusing you of committing a crime for not paying the debt
  • Make/threaten to make defamatory statements to someone else
  • Threaten arrest, to seize assets, or garnish wages unless actually planning to take such action
  • Use obscene or profane language
  • Cause you to spend money you wouldn’t otherwise have spent (ie long-distance telephone calls)
  • Call you repeatedly or let your phone ring repeatedly
  • Call frequently
  • Contact your employer, except to verify employment or health insurance status, garnish wages or locate you
  • Reveal information about debt to anyone except your spouse or your parents if a minor.
  • Publicly publish your name for failing to pay
  • Send a postcard or letter with revealing information on the envelope
  • Claim to be someone other than a debt collector, including a governmental official
  • Use stationery that appears to be from a law firm
  • Charge you collection or attorney’s fees unless legally allowable
  • Threaten to report you to a credit reporting agency if they have no intention of doing so
  • Send a letter claiming to come from a claim, credit, audit, or legal department unless it actually is

Debt collectors must:

  • Disclose caller identification
  • May contact your family to locate you
  • Must serve you with notice of a lawsuit if suing you

Bankruptcy Court Information

Bankruptcy is a legal action that can erase most of your debt as well as your credit history. It is not an action to take lightly. If you do, you must follow the following steps in Nebraska.

Persons filing for bankruptcy must:

  • Complete credit counseling within six months before filing for bankruptcy.
  • Complete a financial management instructional course after filing bankruptcy.
  • Complete a Bankruptcy Act Means Test to determine if you are eligible for a Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy
  • Itemize current income sources; major financial transactions; monthly living expenses; debts (secured and unsecured); and property (all assets and possessions, not just real estate).
  • Collect last 2 years of tax returns, deeds to real estate you own, car titles, and loan documents
  • File for bankruptcy
      • Chapter 7 bankruptcy fee is $306
      • Chapter 13 bankruptcy fee is $281
  • Meet with court assigned bankruptcy trustee
  • Attend a Meeting of Creditors
  • Confirm plan if filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy

DISCLAIMER: We are not lawyers and are not giving legal advice. Before filing bankruptcy, talk to a lawyer in your state.

Pacific Debt has helped thousands of people reduce their debt. Since 2002we’ve settled over $200 million in debt for our clients. Contact us today to see how we can help.

Pacific Debt Offers Debt Relief for Nebraska Cities

Abie village
Adams village
Alda village
Alexandria village
Allen village
Alvo village
Amherst village
Anoka village
Anselmo village
Ansley village
Arcadia village
Arlington village
Arnold village
Arthur village
Ashton village
Atlanta village
Avoca village
Axtell village
Ayr village
Bancroft village
Barada village
Barneston village
Bartlett village
Bartley village
Battle Creek
Bazile Mills village
Beaver City
Beaver Crossing village
Bee village
Beemer village
Belden village
Belgrade village
Bellwood village
Belvidere village
Benedict village
Bennet village
Bertrand village
Berwyn village
Big Springs village
Bladen village
Bloomington village
Blue Hill
Blue Springs
Boys Town village
Bradshaw village
Brady village
Brainard village
Brewster village
Bristow village
Broadwater village
Brock village
Broken Bow
Brownville village
Brule village
Bruning village
Bruno village
Brunswick village
Burchard village
Burr village
Burton village
Bushnell village
Butte village
Byron village
Cairo village
Callaway village
Campbell village
Carleton village
Carroll village
Cedar Bluffs village
Cedar Creek village
Cedar Rapids village
Center village
Central City
Ceresco village
Chambers village
Chapman village
Chester village
Clarks village
Clatonia village
Clay Center
Clearwater village
Clinton village
Cody village
Coleridge village
Colon village
Comstock village
Concord village
Cook village
Cordova village
Cornlea village
Cortland village
Cotesfield village
Cowles village
Crab Orchard village
Craig village
Creston village
Crookston village
Culbertson village
Cushing village
Dakota City
Dalton village
Danbury village
Dannebrog village
Davenport village
Davey village
David City
Dawson village
Daykin village
Decatur village
Denton village
Deweese village
De Witt village
Diller village
Dix village
Dixon village
Dodge village
Doniphan village
Dorchester village
Douglas village
Du Bois village
Dunbar village
Duncan village
Dunning village
Dwight village
Eagle village
Eddyville village
Edison village
Elba village
Elk Creek village
Elm Creek village
Elmwood village
Elsie village
Elwood village
Elyria village
Emerson village
Emmet village
Endicott village
Ericson village
Eustis village
Ewing village
Exeter village
Fairmont village
Falls City
Farnam village
Farwell village
Filley village
Firth village
Fordyce village
Fort Calhoun
Foster village
Funk village
Gandy village
Garland village
Garrison village
Gilead village
Giltner village
Glenvil village
Goehner village
Grafton village
Grand Island
Greeley Center village
Greenwood village
Gresham village
Gross village
Guide Rock village
Gurley village
Hadar village
Haigler village
Hallam village
Halsey village
Hamlet village
Hampton village
Harbine village
Hardy village
Harrison village
Hayes Center village
Hay Springs village
Hazard village
Heartwell village
Hemingford village
Hendley village
Henry village
Herman village
Hershey village
Hildreth village
Holbrook village
Holstein village
Homer village
Hordville village
Hoskins village
Howard City village
Howells village
Hubbard village
Hubbell village
Huntley village
Hyannis village
Inglewood village
Inman village
Ithaca village
Jackson village
Jansen village
Johnson village
Johnstown village
Julian village
Juniata village
Kenesaw village
Kennard village
Kilgore village
Lamar village
La Vista
Lawrence village
Lebanon village
Leigh village
Leshara village
Lewellen village
Lewiston village
Liberty village
Lindsay village
Linwood village
Litchfield village
Lodgepole village
Long Pine
Loomis village
Lorton village
Louisville village
Loup City
Lushton village
Lyman village
Lynch village
McCool Junction village
McGrew village
McLean village
Madrid village
Magnet village
Malcolm village
Malmo village
Manley village
Marquette village
Martinsburg village
Maskell village
Mason City village
Maxwell village
Maywood village
Mead village
Meadow Grove village
Melbeta village
Memphis village
Merna village
Merriman village
Miller village
Milligan village
Monowi village
Monroe village
Moorefield village
Morrill village
Morse Bluff village
Mullen village
Murdock village
Murray village
Naper village
Naponee village
Nebraska City
Nehawka village
Nemaha village
Nenzel village
Newcastle village
Newman Grove
Newport village
Nickerson village
Niobrara village
Nora village
Norman village
North Bend
North Loup village
North Platte
Oak village
Oakdale village
Obert village
Oconto village
Octavia village
Odell village
Offutt AFB
Ohiowa village
Ong village
Orchard village
Orleans village
Otoe village
Overton village
Oxford village
Page village
Palisade village
Palmer village
Palmyra village
Panama village
Pawnee City
Paxton village
Pender village
Petersburg village
Phillips village
Pickrell village
Pilger village
Pine Ridge
Platte Center village
Pleasant Dale village
Pleasanton village
Plymouth village
Polk village
Potter village
Prague village
Preston village
Primrose village
Prosser village
Ragan village
Raymond village
Red Cloud
Republican City village
Reynolds village
Richland village
Rising City village
Riverdale village
Riverton village
Roca village
Rockville village
Rogers village
Rosalie village
Roseland village
Royal village
Rulo village
Ruskin village
St. Edward
St. Helena village
St. Paul
Salem village
Santee village
Saronville village
Scotia village
Seneca village
Shelby village
Shelton village
Shickley village
Sholes village
Shubert village
Silver Creek village
Smithfield village
Snyder village
South Bend village
South Sioux City
Spalding village
Spencer village
Sprague village
Springview village
Stamford village
Staplehurst village
Stapleton village
Steele City village
Steinauer village
Stella village
Sterling village
Stockham village
Stockville village
Strang village
Stratton village
Stuart village
Sumner village
Surprise village
Sutherland village
Swanton village
Table Rock village
Talmage village
Tarnov village
Taylor village
Terrytown village
Thayer village
Thedford village
Thurston village
Tobias village
Trenton village
Trumbull village
Uehling village
Ulysses village
Unadilla village
Union village
Upland village
Utica village
Valparaiso village
Venango village
Verdel village
Verdigre village
Verdon village
Virginia village
Waco village
Wallace village
Walthill village
Washington village
Waterbury village
Waterloo village
Wauneta village
Wausa village
Weeping Water
Wellfleet village
Western village
Weston village
West Point
Whitney village
Wilcox village
Wilsonville village
Winnebago village
Winnetoon village
Winside village
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