Case Study - Debt Consolidation San Diego, CA

San Diego California debt consolidation program review

Name: Kelvin
City: San Diego
State: California
# of Settlements: 7
Total Settled: $82,120.59

Hardship Story

I work in insurance and my pay fluctuates each month, I’m not on a strict salary so my monthly income varies month to month. As a result, it is difficult to manage my situation because I don’t know exactly how much is coming in month to month. I am paying a lot of money each month to my creditors and not seeing my balances change much, I need some assistance. $250 income – expenses

Successful Debt Settlements

Recent Settlements table showing creditor name, settlement value, original balance, and percentage of claim.

Creditor Name Original Balance* Settlement Percentage Settled**
Capital one $9,355.96 $4,678.00 50%
Chase $8,650.00 $2,076.00 23%
Chase $800 $254.19 30%
Discover $25,757.78 $7,175.50 40%
Pay Pal $7,685.46 $2,689.92 35%
Southwest Airlines $26,374.10 $10,549.65 40%
Amazon $3,497.29 $1,400.00 40%

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