Nobody plans to drown in Debt

Nobody plans to drown in Debt Neither did my husband and I. We purchased a home several years ago. Soon after moving in, water and sewage issues arose, as well as mold and other safety issues. We incurred insurmountable debt to protect our investment in this home and make it safe for our family to live in. We found ourselves in a financial disaster that brought us close to losing everything we had worked so hard to protect. We were behind in all of our bills, and both working overtime, to pay only the minimum balances, and still were sinking behind. This caused stress to the breaking point and we decided we would have to file for bankruptcy, that is, until Pacific Debt came to our rescue! Jeremy Saltzen and Julia Quirke are well informed and they really educated us about this program to get our finances under control and our life to a place where we could breathe again. Our client success manager, Julia Quirke, has been a lifeline to us as we navigate this program and process. She has been an excellent financial life coach, walking us through the steps and checking in on us to answer questions and offer updates and help, as well as encourage us. Pacific Debt representatives, Julia Quirke and Jeremy Saltzen, have answered every financial question, have treated us with integrity and respect, never shamed us for our debt, and are changing our lives. Pacific Debt is reputable, dependable, accessible, and an amazing opportunity to deal responsibly with your debt and allow you the satisfaction and success of being able to pay off debt in a manageable and timely manner. Thank you Pacific Debt and your amazing customer service!
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Nobody plans to drown in Debt
November 16, 2019
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