If you’re searching for debt consolidation assistance in San Diego, you will find a number of different debt relief providers located in and around San Diego. Once you scroll past the paid ads from national companies, you will find a variety of credit counseling companies, bankruptcy attorneys, local credit unions and a few debt settlement companies.

San Diego Debt Consolidation Company - Pacific Debt Inc.However, you will find only one San Diego debt relief company with the following credentials:

We’re proud to say that we’re that company – Pacific Debt Inc. 

Pacific Debt is a San Diego debt relief company founded in 2002 by Mr. Kevin Landie. Kevin was raised in San Diego and graduated from San Diego State University. After working in the debt consolidation industry locally in San Diego for a number of years, Kevin started Pacific Debt in response to the rising tide of consumer debt in our country.

What separates Pacific Debt from many of its competitors, is the company’s focus on the consumer experience. From your initial consultation to your program completion, you can expect to get expert one-on-one attention and the highest level of customer service from all of our departments.

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What to expect during your debt relief journey with Pacific Debt:

  1. You will speak with one of our Debt Counselors and review your personal situation, including all of your debts and your budget. We will customize a program that is affordable and which will allow you to be out of debt within 12-48 months in most cases. To ensure that you make the most informed decision possible, we also review all of the options you may have. Getting help with debt consolidation in San Diego can be tricky, so we have a number of Trusted Partners we can refer you to in the event that we can not help.
  2. Once you are enrolled, our Client Care team will begin to work with you to make sure that your program is set up for success. During the welcome call, we will review all of the program aspects to ensure quality assurance. Client Care will then touch base with you every couple of weeks for the first few months to make sure you know how to handle creditor calls, are sending in your creditor statements and have provided us with any other documentation necessary to complete your file.
  3. After approximately 90 days, your file will be assigned to one of veteran Account Managers. Your Account Manager will be the one advocating on your behalf and negotiating with your creditors. Each time a settlement is reached, your personal Account Manager will reach out to you to review the terms and approve the settlement. Our goal is always to reduce the original balance by half, but ultimately you are in control every step of the way, as we cannot proceed with a settlement unless it meets your standard. Once all of your debt is resolved, you will receive a completion package with copies of all the settlements for your records.

While most of our clients prefer doing consultations over the telephone, as a San Diego-based debt relief provider we are happy to do a face-to-face consultation for those living in Southern California. In fact, many of our clients stop by each month to drop off copies of their creditor statements and to speak with their Personal Account Manager.

The bottom line is that you have a number of options when searching for firms to help consolidate your debt, but there is only one option that is local to San Diego, is Accredited with the Better Business Bureau and American Fair Credit Council and offers personalized one-on-one service. That option is Pacific Debt.

We are located at
750 B St. Suite 1700,
San Diego, CA 92101

Next to Petco Park in downtown San Diego.

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