Debt Collectors use Facebook to harass

A recent article on MSNBC underscored the lengths that some debt collectors will go to collect a debt.

While many debt collectors are professionals who abide by Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, this article points to the more sinister underbelly of the collections world where harassment and fear are used as primary tactics for debt collection. These tactics are now being used in the form of social media and consumers would be wise to be extra cautious as to what information they divulge on sites such as Facebook.

Pacific Debt prides itself on assisting clients who are being harassed by debt collectors. While we can not put a stop to legal collection calls, we can assist you with harassment by contacting the creditors and providing them a contact number they can use for a status update on your account. Our goal is to reach a fair settlement with each of your creditors as quickly as possible.

If you are struggling with credit card debt please call us today at 1-877-722-3328 and one of our debt consultants will review with you all of your options and determine if we have a solution appropriate for your needs.

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