How can you raise your credit score 100 points overnight

How to Raise Your Credit Score 100 Points Overnight

If you’ve ever been declined for a loan because of a low credit score, you may be scouring the internet for creative ways to raise your credit score 100 points overnight. However, the reality is that’s just not possible. The truth is, you can definitely raise your credit score; it will just take some time. Here’s how…. Pay Your Bills on Time Each time you pay late or skip a payment, your credit score gets dinged. A lot of dings and you’ll end up with a lower credit rating. You can always request that the due date be moved to […]

How Long to Keep Credit Card Statements

How Long to Keep Credit Card Statements

At least once a month, you get statements from a wide variety of vendors, either through email or paper mail. Did you know that, by law, you need to keep some of these records for a certain amount of time? And once you no longer need them, what’s the best way to dispose of them? Those pieces of paper contain a huge amount of personal information. Also,  what’s the best way to store these records? If you have a business, you will have additional requirements, but this article will be geared towards consumers rather than businesses. Call us today and […]

How to build your credit after debt settlement

How To Build Your Credit After Debt Settlement

Debt settlement can be great for debt relief, but your credit score is likely to suffer. Once you have completed a debt settlement program, you can then focus on rebuilding your credit score. With care and following the steps outlined below, you can have your credit score repaired in as little as twenty-four months. How Debt Settlement Affects Your Credit Score When you decide to settle your debt, there are a couple factors that will negatively affect your credit score. First, your bills are probably being paid late, or they might not be getting paid at all, so those late […]

Can You Pay Your Mortgage with Credit Card

Can You Pay Your Mortgage with a Credit Card?

The short answer to ‘can you pay your mortgage with a credit card’ is probably. It depends on the terms of your credit card and your mortgage holder. Since these are considered debt-for-debt transactions, credit card companies are wary of them. The more appropriate question is SHOULD you pay your mortgage with credit cards? Well, lets answer that question in a few paragraphs. Why Would You Use a Credit Card to Pay Your Mortgage? You might choose to use your credit card to pay your mortgage for several reasons. One is the rewards you accrue for using your card. Another […]

Find out how credit card interest works.

How Does Credit Card Interest Work?

That piece of plastic in your wallet is very convenient, easy to use, and a fast way to get into financial difficulties. A large part of financial trouble is directly related to interest rates (and fees). Let’s discuss how credit cards and credit card interest works. Once you understand, it’s easier to control your spending. How Do Credit Cards Work? A credit card is a form of a revolving loan, called a line of credit. The company assigns a credit limit (how much you can borrow in total). The amount you can charge to your credit card is called your […]

Why Your Equifax Credit Score Is Lower Than TransUnion

Why Your Equifax Credit Score Is Lower Than TransUnion

Your credit score allows you to get credit, buy large ticket items, rent an apartment, get certain jobs, and is viewed as a window into your financial trustworthiness. The higher your credit score, the better the loan terms.  But just what is your credit score and who is behind it? And why are your scores different from each reporting agency? Who are the Credit Bureaus? There are three different major credit bureaus; Transunion, Equifax, and Experian. Each one collects financial data from creditors. They then analyze this data and issue credit reports to anyone who has permission to obtain the […]

Should I Use a Credit Card for Everyday Purchases?

Should You Use a Credit Card for Everyday Purchases?

Whipping out a credit card is very easy. Plus, you get rewards – cash back or airline miles – for every purchase. Using a credit card for everyday purposes seems like a win-win situation. But is it? We’ll look at the pros and cons of credit cards and everyday use and answer should I use my credit card for everything? Why Use a Credit Card for Every Purchase? There are appropriate reasons to use a credit card for everyday purchases. As we’ve mentioned before, you can maximize your rewards points, in effect making your purchases work for you. Responsible credit […]

How Many Credit Cards Should I Have

How Many Credit Cards Should I Have?

Credit cards make buying quick and easy. Earn airline miles or rewards for spending money! Apply for a credit card and get money off your purchase instantly! But whipping out a credit card to pay for impulse purchases or to make up income shortfalls can get you into a world of trouble.

How to Manage Debt during the Holiday Season

How to Manage Debt during the Holiday Season

Entering the holiday season with a mountain of debt is a terrible experience. It’s made even worse with the added weight of an abysmal debt-to-equity ratio. For parents, the weight of responsibility to provide for your children is multiplied during the holidays — one of the few times other than birthdays when the kids expect to receive gifts. For children, the excitement of past holidays and the expectations of opening presents on Christmas day can create a crushing experience if they feel disappointment. So, what does this mean for parents? Are you expected to get deeper in debt just to […]

What Happens to Debt When You Die

What Happens to Debt When You Die?

What Debts Are Forgiven at Death? What happens to debt when you die? It depends on the type of debt and if there are cosigners. Basically, all debts pass into the estate along with assets and other liabilities. Even if you have very little, you still have an estate in the eyes of the law. Most people have wills (and if you don’t, you should). A will determines how assets are distributed. However, before anything is distributed, creditors are given a chance to claim part of the estate. Talk to one of our debt specialists today to learn more about our […]

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