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Searching For The Best Debt Consolidation Companies?

With several different debt relief strategies available to consumers, it is very confusing to figure out exactly how to best resolve a specific financial situation. Often times, consumers are not even sure what they should be searching for. As a consequence they end up Googling generic search terms like Debt Consolidation or Debt Management. These terms can actually be used to describe both Consumer Credit Counseling and Debt Settlement, which are two very different services.

Here at Pacific Debt we receive a lot of inquiries from consumers who found us by typing Best Debt Consolidation Companies into Google. Even though we are a Debt Settlement Company, we do help consumers consolidate their debts into one smaller monthly payment. The payment is placed into an escrow savings account that can eventually be used to negotiate and settle an outstanding debt for less than the full balance due on the loan or credit card.

If you found us but were actually looking for information on Debt Consolidation Loans please see Best Debt Consolidation Loans. If you are struggling to make your monthly payments and your credit is less than perfect, you will very likely find it difficult to secure a consolidation loan to pay off your credit cards.

Many of the consumers who have found us while searching for the best debt consolidation companies, where actually looking for Consumer Credit Counseling programs. However after comparing the payments of the Credit Counseling Programs to our Debt Settlement Program, most of them opted to work with us. In many situations, debt settlement is simply a superior strategy to credit counseling.

Whether or not our debt settlement strategy is right for you will depend on your specific situation. In general though, you will be out of debt several years sooner with a much smaller monthly payment as compared to a Consumer Credit Counseling approach.

Making a decision to consolidate your debt with either a credit counseling or a debt settlement program can be tough. It is important to do the research and explore both options before making a final decision. For a side by side comparison, contact the Professionals at Pacific Debt and take the first step down the path to debt freedom.

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