One of the Best Debt Consolidation Companies BBB Accredited

What makes Pacific Debt Inc one of the best debt consolidation companies to work with for debt relief? We have a BBB Accredited rating and have settled over $200 Million in Debt for our clients.

US News and World Reports ranked Pacific Debt Inc. as one of The Best Debt Settlement Companies of 2018. We’ve been helping people settle their debt with our debt relief program since 2002, and have settled over $200 Million in debt.

We know that getting help with paying off debt is a difficult decision. Trying to decide who to trust for help makes the decision all the more daunting. So why us? What makes Pacific Debt Inc. one of the best debt consolidation companies with a BBB Accredited rating? We can help you start enjoying a debt-free living today!

Please take the time to read real reviews from real people that we have helped with debt relief. Read our Trust Pilot Pacific Debt reviews here. You can also read our accredited debt relief reviews straight from the Better Business Bureau website.

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"My dealings with the Pacific Debt representatives was a most pleasant experience. I started the program in October of 2012, my goal being to pay off all my credit card debt as quickly as possible."


"I just wanted to thank you for work you did for us on settling our credit cad debts. You were honest and explained everything you were doing in detail. I had a lot of confidence in you. I felt that I did the right thing in contacting your Pacific Debt and you to do by right by us."


"I just wanted to send a quick thank you for all you have done! It wasn't an easy couple of years financially, but I made it through! Thanks to you, Pacific Debt, I can now make a fresh start."

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