A Fresh Start: Make this year a success

As the new year begins, you may make resolutions and consider ways to better your life.

Instead of tackling a long list of goals all at once you may want to consider setting smaller monthly goals. Taking small steps to improve your life and get debt relief, personally and financially, could help you achieve a greater amount of success. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

January – March

•  Organize your finances. Think about your spending habits. Are there any areas you can work on to achieve financial freedom sooner?

•  Now is a good time to rethink your financial goals. Visit MoneySavingGuide.com. Scroll down the page and go to the “Money Saving To-Do List” on the right. This list is an online tool that allows users to type individual goals and check them off when they are


•  Remember to take advantage of holiday clearance sales at the beginning of the year. This is a good time to stock up on holiday necessities.

•  Revisit your budget and consider any changes in income or required expenses.

April – June

•  Try to think about new ways to save money on your daily living expenses, this can offer some debt relief. For example, consider planting a garden. If you have the space for it, you could save cash and enjoy a new hobby!

•  Begin your spring cleaning by hosting a garage sale or selling items at a

flea market. You may also sell unwanted items on www.ebay.com or www.craigslist.

org for extra cash. Also consider Freecycle.org for items you want to give away.

•  As Earth Day approaches on April 22, it’s a great time to go “green”. Consider using homemade cleaning solutions. Visit the Eartheasy website and search ‘non toxic home cleaning care’ to read articles on making your own non-toxic cleaners. You can also

reduce your impact on the environment by purchasing used or secondhand items. Doing this can help prevent trash from filling up the landfills. You should be aware of your fuel consumption and look for ways to save if possible. Visit www.earth911.com for more tips.

July – September

•  Focus on saving energy. Small actions, like weather stripping the seams around your air conditioning unit to prevent air leaks, could help you save money. Go to www.energy.gov for more energy saving tips.

•  Think of inexpensive getaways that would be fun and interesting. Enjoy the outdoors. Find out if zoos offer family discount days. Consider a weekend road trip to a national park if it fits into your budget.  One great way to get debt relief is to get outdoors, which is often free and won’t hurt your finances.

October – December

•  It’s never too early to plan your holiday gift list. Consider putting together themed gift baskets or making special mementos for the people in your life.

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