Work From Home Online Side Jobs That Pay Good

Work From Home Online Side Jobs That Pay Good

If you are sitting at home watching your bank balance dwindle or you want to have a decently paying second job (or even profession), there are online side jobs that pay well and are not a scam. The pandemic has given a lot of people a new perspective on work or hurt their finances. Now is a perfect time to explore new options and make a bit of money to help tide you over until our economy gets going again. You can find online jobs that pay decently and that could be a real life saver.  

Working online is not for everyone. If you can not set and stick to a schedule and complete tasks without supervision, you will not be successful! If you work through a service, like Upwork, you will pay the service a percentage of your income. On the plus side, using a service is a quick way to find clients.

Whether you need the money desperately or are wanting to pay down bills or build up savings, these $15 per hour jobs are out there. Just make certain you read the fine print!

Online Job Requirements

In general, you will need a computer with internet service and possibly a telephone. For several, you may have to take a qualifying test or have some expertise. For others, you may need a vehicle.

As you are looking for online side gigs, keep your eyes out for scams. There are a lot out there. Try googling the company and check out the reputation. Some jobs are bait-and-switch. For instance, a rebate processing job may actually be a sales job. Also, sites that require financial input from you should be approached with great caution.  

Audio and Visual Transcriber

An audio/visual transcriber listens to an AV clip and transcribes it. If you are fluent in another language, you may be able to translate subtitles. It does take listening and typing skills. Most transcriber websites will require English and grammar proficiency and then prove your transcription ability. 

One leading transcription service, Rev, pays 90 cents a minute and up to $3/minute for subtitle translation. 

Medical transcription usually requires either experience or a certification.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant may do a variety of tasks from scheduling to administrative duties to book keeping. Exactly what you will be doing depends on the employer.  You do need to be detail oriented and very organized. Unlike some online jobs you may have a regular schedule and be expected to work during that time rather than doing tasks as they come in.

Sites like Upwork, PeoplePerHour, Indeed, and FlexJobs are reputable. Job boards can be less so, so pay attention to what you are signing up to do!

Online Course Instructor

If you are knowledgeable about a topic, can tutor a subject, or have a unique, marketable skill, teaching a course online may be a great way to make extra money. You’ll need a website or join a service like Udemy in order to reach prospective students. 

Social Media Marketer

If social media is your thing, turn it into a side hustle. Social media marketing may involve creating ads, posting ad content, and monitoring response. You may manage a company’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc pages. You may be able to market yourself to small, local businesses or try a service like Cloudpeeps.

Freelance Writer

If you are a good writer, there is a niche for you. You may be paid by the word, often between 1 and 3 cents. It takes a lot of words to equal $15/hour. Check out services like Upwork and Guru to advertise your writing skills. 

Data Entry

Data entry is considered easy work and doesn’t require a lot of experience. And because of that, data entry has a \scammy reputation. Companies may pay ridiculously low rates per page or entry. Try going through more reputable sites like VirtualBee or Dell. 

Graphic Designer

If you have the skills to be a graphic designer, there are jobs out there. People need logos, brochures and other design work including photo manipulation. Working freelance is a great way to build a portfolio. Check out sites like Coroflot, Upwork, and Authentic Jobs. 

Customer Service Representative

If you have lots of patience, customer service reputation may be a great fit. You may answer questions, solve complaints and problems and explain specific products. Working customer service at home generally requires a set schedule. Check out individual company website jobs or a service like Working Solutions.

Other Options

If none of these work from home side jobs appeal to you, there are side gigs like a delivery courier for companies like DoorDash, offering vacation rentals through AirBnB, rideshare drivers (Lyft and Uber), pet sitters or walkers, and in-person tutoring. 

Keep in mind that there are some additional concerns, such as zoning, additional auto insurance and personal safety, that you need to factor into these jobs.

Extra Money

If you are waiting on your stimulus check, you can track it and possibly get it faster. This article explains how to get your stimulus check and ways to stop bill collectors from getting to it first. 

Once you are making money, what is the best plan? Should you set aside money for another disaster or is it better to pay down your debt? That really depends on your unique situation. If you’d like more information, check out Is It Better to Pay Off Debt or Save Money?

The Pacific Debt, Inc blog has a lot of good information to help you work toward financial security. We want you to be debt-free whether or not you use our services. 

However, if you find yourself sliding deeper and deeper into debt and nothing is helping you, you may need more help. You may need the services of a credit counselor or debt settlement or debt consolidation company. If you’d like a bit more information on debt settlement or debt consolidation, you may find answers by reading our article titled debt consolidation vs debt settlement.

Pacific Debt, Inc

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* Other states can be connected to one of our trusted partners

* Other states can be connected to one of our trusted partners. For more information, contact one of our debt specialists today. The initial consultation is free, and our debt experts will explain to you all your options.

For more information, contact one of our debt specialists today. The initial consultation is free, and our debt experts will explain to you all your options.


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