Whats the Best Free Budget Planner

What’s the Best Free Budget Planner

Budgeting is a necessary part of good financial management. If you don’t know where your money is going, it is hard to get out of debt. Most people hate budgeting. Whether it is the constraints on money, the time invested, or the math, many people put off making or following a sound financial plan. 

There is help out there for the last two concerns! Free budget planners will simplify your budgeting and make it easier to follow a budget.

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What’s the Best Free Budget Planner?

The best free budget planner is the one that works for you. Your choice of budgeting worksheets will depend on how many people you are budgeting for, if you have business or tax expenses, and if you want it shareable. You’ll also want it to be compatible with your platform – a MSExcel spreadsheet may not work on Google Sheets. And since we are looking at free budget worksheets, there should be no cost associated with them. 

Vertex42 Spreadsheets

  • Free
  • Primarily for household budgets
  • Different spreadsheets will work with Excel, OpenOffice Calc, and/or Google Sheets
  • Simple to use
  • Personalizable for your expenses and needs
  • Includes calendars, financial calculators, savings snowball and debt snowball calculators, bill tracker worksheets, project management, invoices, and more
  • Apps for integration into Excel and Word documents 

Mint Lifestyle Spreadsheets

  • Free
  • Works on laptops and desktops
  • Very simple – no unique calculations
  • Works with Excel
  • Different spreadsheets for college or high school students, parents, daycare expenses etc.
  • Each spreadsheet focuses on the priorities of each group and offers suggestions to help achieve goals 
  • Also offers an app (see below) with similar online worksheets

It’s Your Money! Free Spreadsheets

  • Some spreadsheets are free
  • Household and business cash management
  • Financial calculators available
  • New spreadsheets added 
  • Excel compatible only
  • Worksheets may match with specific debt management plans (ie Dave Ramsey’s plans)
  • Specific worksheets for at home businesses such as Etsy
  • Excellent instructions for downloading and use
  • Extensive blog with financial information

Google Sheets Free Budget Template Gallery

  • Free
  • Variety of planners from individuals to household to business
  • Annual and monthly formats
  • Shareable through gmail accounts
  • Google sheets compatible
  • Will work with Excel files using app or Chrome extension
  • App available so can view spreadsheet from phone, tablet and computers
  • Customizable categories

Excel Worksheets

  • Free
  • Personal, business, household
  • Customizable income/expenditures
  • Excel compatible
  • Can use on Google Sheets with extension
  • Wide variety of budgets for different goals – home construction, college, etc.

Phone Based Apps

If you live on your phone, having an app that displays your budget may be a perfect solution. Some of these are sharable so your partner is aware of budget constraints! 

One of the benefits (and drawbacks) of an app is that you do not have to enter the numbers manually. Most can be connected to your different financial institutions and will self populate the budget fields. 


  • Free
  • Uses Intuit software
  • Updates automatically from financial institutions including brokerage accounts
  • Includes bill trackers and access to credit scores
  • Customizable categories
  • Customizable alerts
  • Multi-factor authentication and secure encryption
  • IOS and Android


  • Free with upgrades available
  • Updates automatically from financial institutions including brokerage accounts
  • Shows “in my pocket” money that can be spent without hurting your budget
  • Customizable categories and alerts
  • Encrypted token system for added security
  • IOS and Android

Clarity Money

  • Free
  • Tracks spending, savings, budget planner, credit score checks
  • Part of Goldman Sachs
  • Links with financial accounts
  • Customizable
  • High-yield online savings account available with automatic savings
  • IOS and Android


  • Free basic account
  • “Envelope” assignments – income is assigned to an “envelope” and the balance is adjusted as you spend money from each category
  • Doesn’t link to financial accounts, must manually enter receipts and balances
  • Shareable between two devices for basic account
  • IOS and Android

Regardless of whether you budget online, on paper or in a budget book, it is important to have a budget. For the first few months, at least, to track where every penny is going. You will be able to see where your money goes and to plug up any holes so that you have more money to pay off bills.

Debt Worksheets

If you are looking specifically for debt worksheets designed to help you pay off your debt, there are a number of free debt worksheets. Each of the free budget planners discussed above and some of the apps have debt worksheets available as well. 

It is usually helpful to have both a budget and a debt worksheet. You’ll see progress and know that you are making a difference as well as where your money is going and how to stretch every penny.

If budgeting is not working and your debt is increasing because you just do not have enough money, you may need additional help. You may want to consider a credit counseling service so that a third party can help guide you and encourage your budgeting process. If the debts are just too much, you may need to consider a debt consolidation or debt settlement program.

The debt specialists at Pacific Debt, Inc. can help you understand your options. We are a debt settlement company, but if debt settlement is not your best option, we will refer you to one of our trusted partners.

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* Other states can be connected to one of our trusted partners

* Other states can be connected to one of our trusted partners. For more information, contact one of our debt specialists today. The initial consultation is free, and our debt experts will explain to you all your options.


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