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If you are overwhelmed by calls from debt collectors and have amassed large amounts of debts to credit card companies, you may want to seek the help of a credit counseling firm in San Diego. Credit counseling can be an effective way to manage your finances, as well as a strategy to avoid bill collectors’ calls. If you are looking for credit counseling San Diego has many reputable companies that provide this service.

Pacific Debt is a well-established company that has over ten years of experience. Customer service is always at the forefront of Pacific Debt’s company mission. Credit counseling San Diego residents has resulted in positive experiences for the client and Pacific Debt, who has achieved an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Pacific Debt’s major focus is on debt settlement, NOT credit counseling, and the company has achieved enormous results for their clients. In 2010, clients pay an average of 39.2% of the current balance on the debt they owe. However, for clients who are not comfortable with a debt settlement plan, credit counselling offers an alternative method to manage one’s finances.

Credit counseling offers many benefits to consumers. A person’s credit score may be maintained and raised with the assistance of the right credit counseling service. With this type of program, a consumer negotiates a lower interest rate on each of her credit accounts. This strategy allows the consumer to have more of her payment apply to the principal so that she can off her debt more quickly. Rather than making several monthly payment, credit counseling often allows the consumer to make one payment to the credit counseling company that is then dispersed to the various creditors. The credit counselor acts as an intermediary, so any problems with the accounts are directed to the counselor. This allows consumers to finally be free from continuous phone calls from creditors.

Credit counseling San Diego residents also allows these residents to learn strategies to handle their personal finances in the future. A credit counselor can help a family create a new budget so that more funds can be directed to pay off the debt. Consumer education materials can also be provided to the consumer to help teach basic personal finance skills and provide information on how to improve FICO scores.

Credit counseling is not the best solution for every consumer. Credit counseling is ideal for consumers that have not gotten behind on their credit card payments that can make a monthly payment on their credit cards that is higher than the minimum monthly payments on their credit cards. However, credit counseling has some negative characteristics for other consumers. The monthly payment may be too high for the average consumer. The process may also take years to complete. Credit cards must often be canceled, potentially causing a decrease in a consumer’s FICO score.

Pacific Debt is happy to review your options and the positives and negatives associated with each. Debt settlement, debt consolidation loans and credit counseling are a few of these strategies. Contact Pacific Debt to explore your options.

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