Should You Refinance Your Loan

Should You Refinance Your Loan?

When you take out a loan or mortgage, you agree to pay back the loan at a specific interest rate over a specific time frame. Almost immediately, it seems, you’ll start getting mail suggesting that you should refinance your loan. What is refinancing, what are the pros and cons, and should you do it? Let’s take a look at loans and refinancing in more detail below. What is a Loan? A loan occurs when one party (for instance, a bank) lends you money to purchase something usually tangible, like a house or car. That money is the principal. The lender […]

How to Go 30 Days Without Spending Money

How to Go 30 Days Without Spending Money

According to a study conducted by OnePoll in 2019, most Americans spend $1,497 a month on nonessential items. Imagine what you could do with an extra $1000! You could pay off some bills, set up a savings account, have emergency money ready for the next car breakdown. What exactly are these non-essential items? Essential Spending Versus Non-Essential Spending Essentials are those items that you need to survive. Food and shelter are at the top of that list, but there are a lot of non-essentials built into everyday life. Essentials include rent or mortgage, medications, utilities like gas, electric, internet, food, […]

California’s Minimum Wage Increase Goes Into Effect Next Year

California’s Minimum Wage Increase Goes Into Effect Next Year

California Governor Gavin Newsom announced recently that, despite the ongoing pandemic, minimum wage workers will see an increase to $14 per hour for businesses employing more than 25 people and $13 per hour for businesses with fewer than 25 people. This increase will begin on January 1, 2021.  Minimum Wage Increases The governor could have suspended the increase due to the pandemic, but he decided that it was more important for minimum wage workers in essential jobs at hospitals and nursing homes, grocery stores and those caring for children to benefit from what will soon be an improving economy.  Other […]

Is there another stimulus check coming

Is There Another Stimulus Check Coming?

In one of our previous articles, we discussed the first stimulus check, when it might arrive, and how to track yours. The current question is: While the Coronavirus pandemic continues to surge in some states, will Americans receive a second stimulus check? Depending on what news source you look at, you could get conflicting answers. Let’s take a look at how the stimulus check question stands as of July 7, 2020.  The CARES Act On March 27, the first stimulus package, known as the CARES Act became law and checks began to be sent out. Most single filers with an […]

Work From Home Online Side Jobs That Pay Good

Work From Home Online Side Jobs That Pay Good

If you are sitting at home watching your bank balance dwindle or you want to have a decently paying second job (or even profession), there are online side jobs that pay well and are not a scam. The pandemic has given a lot of people a new perspective on work or hurt their finances. Now is a perfect time to explore new options and make a bit of money to help tide you over until our economy gets going again. You can find online jobs that pay decently and that could be a real life saver.   Working online is not […]

Whats the Best Free Budget Planner

What’s the Best Free Budget Planner

Budgeting is a necessary part of good financial management. If you don’t know where your money is going, it is hard to get out of debt. Most people hate budgeting. Whether it is the constraints on money, the time invested, or the math, many people put off making or following a sound financial plan.  There is help out there for the last two concerns! Free budget planners will simplify your budgeting and make it easier to follow a budget. Talk to one of our debt specialists today and get your FREE consultation. What’s the Best Free Budget Planner? The best […]

When are Stimulus Checks Being Sent Out and How to Track Them

When are Stimulus Checks Being Sent Out and How to Track Them?

Stimulus checks, part of the $2.2 trillion stimulus bill, began distribution the week beginning April 13, 2020. The checks won’t be going out all at once or to everyone, so how can you get yours more quickly and how much will your check be?  Talk to a debt specialist and get a FREE consultation today. How Much Should My Check Be? Single tax filers with a gross adjusted income below $75,000 should expect to receive $1,200. Married/filing jointly couples making less than $150,000 should see checks of $2,400. For each qualifying child, expect an additional $500.  If you make more […]

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